Basic Level

Course Offered by Day2dayfrench

Our courses are designed in such a manner that it touches all the spheres which is important for learning a foreign language. Learning a language has no use until the learner speaks it fluently.

Our Focus is on:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Understanding

Basic Level

Duration for the course is 30 hrs.

It is completely a basic course which will build your base for the French Language. This course is a first step to learn French.

The emphasis will be on

  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Rules for grammar
  • Verbs
  • Role playing to understand simple vocabulary
  • Usage of present, past and future tenses

This course aids you if you are migrating to a French speaking country for the daily survival. It is a short term course.

Level 1 Beginner’s level: (65 Hours) (Delf A1)

This course is designed to meet the requirement of students, professionals, academic learners. Course is designed in such a manner so that learner can improve and can progress on it’s own.

Each lesson contains a dialogues, listening exercises with transcriptions and important points to remember so that learner can connect with the language and comprehend the lessons easily and quickly

  • Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and explanations
  • Listening activities are comprehend and recorded by native French speakers to get learner used to with pronunciation of the language.

This course is helpful to you if you are migrating to a French speaking country and need to prepare for DELF A1 & DELF A2 exams for visa. Fluency in speaking, listening, writing & French conversations in daily life situations are covered.

Level 2 (65 Hours) intermediate level (Delf A2)

It is a next level to learn a French. Learner is independent to the level he/she can write, speak on an event or an experience. Slowly and steadily learner is started becoming independent. Level 2 prepares you for DELF EXAM A2 intermediate level

The course is suitable to you if you are going to work or are working in an organisation having French environment and you need to interact with French speaking people for business or personal purpose. With this course, you will be able to handle most business & professional situations.

We provide Weekend sessions, Home tuitions, and Individual classes

Preparatory Crash courses (Duration 7Hrs.)

Special course for the preparation of DALF exam is designed. Exercise for comprehension reading, writing, dialogue delivery and listening is practiced.

School Level

We also provide assistance to school learners who are learning French language from class 4th to 12th. We cover school curriculum and provide practice worksheets and make sure our students understand the language from the core and gets best results. We take care of the French subject from the base upwards.

At School level also we give great care to grammar, sentence formation, vocabulary, pronunciation.

Day2dayfrench is providing special classes for summer vacations.

Note: All teachers DALF/DELF certified.

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